Here’s what our clients are saying!

Last year, I had my first photo shoot with another photographer/company that I was overall not happy with. I was incredibly anxious the whole time. I didn’t feel she established rapport with me at all. I felt rushed and out of my element.

Fast forward to this summer where I fell into an amazing opportunity to work with Shawn and Nichelle on a more natural shoot that was what I had wanted the first time.

I was very nervous but they have a way of making you feel very comfortable in your own skin and with them as professionals. They were very professional and easygoing. They had me complete a thorough questionnaire about a week before the shoot so they could get to know me better, what I wanted/didn’t want, what I wanted highlighted and hidden, and a deeper sense of my self-image. I was also able to talk with them before the shoot to ease my nerves before we started.

Throughout the session, we talked, laughed, and music was played to break any awkward silence. ☺️ I never felt rushed and they kept checking in with me to see how I felt and if there was anything else I wanted as this was “my shoot.” Nichelle followed me around handing me things I needed, holding my stuff, fanning me (it was HOT), holding up a blanket so I could change in private, etc. I felt a little like a movie star. 😆

When I got the images back, I was very pleased! They were done tastefully and artistically. They captured me as I was, nothing else. Nothing fake. The more I look at them, the more I appreciate who I am right now than who I used to be or want to be. Overall, I highly recommend them for any shoot! They will do everything they can to give you what you want but will also not erase who you are.

Andrea W.

I had such an amazing time doing my photoshoot with Shawn and his beautiful wife Nichelle! From the moment I arrived, they were very warm and welcoming, with great conversation and tips on how to get great pictures. Also a very easy and comfortable transition from the chatting to the photoshoot.

I felt amazing doing it! They were hyping me up the whole time. I loved it! And the pictures I got back?! Oh my goodness they made me feel like a goddess! I would 100% recommend them to anyone. Even if you’re nervous or insecure, DO IT!

Andretti D.